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Top 10 clinics of detoxification in Spain

Since this blog's health we continue trying to a delicate social issue and that more attention should be given. Therefore, we intend to develop a short list with the top 10 clinics of detoxification in Spain. Out of a situation in which drugs are the basis necessary for personal development

The most important detoxification clinics are, in general, in Madrid and Barcelona. But in addition, there are also others scattered throughout the Spanish geography.

Either way, that we are in the top 10 in Spain Detox clinics:

-Detoxification Control & Consulting Centre. It is located in Mataró (Barcelona) and offers the treatment of addiction to psychoactive substances to the patient and his environment. Phone: 93 758 97 98, and 661-301-722. It also offers you all kinds of information about treatments and therapeutic programs. Web page.
-Clinical Capistrano: Detoxification Center located in Miquel Rosselló, number 46 (Palma de Mallorca - Balearic Islands). It is a non-denominational and private rehabilitation center specializing in the treatment of addictions, inaugurated in 1988. Phone: 971-401-484. Web page.
-Sinesis Detox Center: Center for the treatment of addictions without need for substitute drugs. It has offices in Madrid and Barcelona and she is responsible for developing rehabilitation programmes in residential regime. 938 60 57 00 phone. Web page.

-Proyecto Hombre: Has branches almost in all Spain. A therapeutic program for the treatment and prevention of drug addiction. Phone: 902 88 55 55. Web page.

-Narconon Mediterranean: It has a centre in Madrid and two in Andalusia, in which highlights of Seville (Alcala de Guadaira). Help people to end their addictions to drugs, alcohol, analgesics, and any other addictive substance. Phone: 902 101 501. Web page.

-Yrichen Fundación canaria: prepares itineraries or individualized ways of treatment. It is a non profit, non-partisan and non-denominational organization. Born in the District of La Pardilla, municipality of Telde (Gran Canaria). Phone: 828-025-418. Web page.

-Intradi. Antonio Machado de Málaga is located next to the new promenade. The recovery farm is in the Guadalhorce Valley. Phone: 952 350 401. Web page.

-Institute Castelao Galicia. Located in the Darwin Street, in Santa Cristina Oleiros (La Coruña). Private institution specialized in the treatment of patients who have a disorder by dependence on psychoactive substances. Telephone: 900 505 505. Web page.

-La Huertecica: Is an Association of social initiative. They work in Cartagena and Murcia. Phone: 968 52 46 56. Web page.

-Tavad. Their name collect stands for advanced treatment of addiction and has large number of programs. They are in Avenida Fuentelarreina, 8 (Madrid). Phone: 902 100 197. Web page.

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