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Rehabilitation and detoxification

Top 10 rehabilitation and detoxification

Referral hospital for the treatment, surgery and the rehabilitation of patients with spinal cord injury, acquired brain damage or other serious neurological disability. It has 400 professionals serving 4,000 patients each year. Equipped with modern facilities and high-tech, using techniques invented by Dr. Guttmann for the integral treatment of the sick. Founded in Barcelona in 1965, is an international reference.

Luxurious Swiss general hospital with a powerful centre of rheumatism, pain espadla and rehabilitation. He works in a interdisciplinary way. Surgery of spine and neurosurgery. Pain unit. Active, passive, barros, in group therapy...

Pioneer in the use of stem cells to treat degeneration macular, cerebral palsy, stroke, osteoarthritis, spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. Revolutionary German technology, in Cologne.

Cure Tiger Woods from his addiction to sex. It is all kinds of addictions and dependencies. Personal and family work with comprehensive treatment to make a sustainable lifestyle change. Huge complex located in a paradisiac forest of Missisippi.

The unit in the Centre of Barcelona is the most complete. Specializing in sports medicine to improve sports and professional performance and treat and rehabilitate the sport injuries. They advise in the beginning of the sport.

Acquired brain injury are rehabilitated and are pioneers in Parkinson's. Ambulatory care hospital, with differentiated treatment for adults and children. Psiconeurologos, medical rehabilitation, speech therapists and physiotherapists.

Doctors and physiotherapists to a fully equipped gym and swimming pool, therapeutic with specific treatments in orthopaedic, neurological, vascular pathologies, amputations, children's diseases and neurological processes.

Centers of luxury in Miami and Panama to rehabilitate millionaires around the world from its excesses with alcohol and drugs. Discretion and exclusivity. Private residences for VIP guests with all the comforts. Full picture of physicians.

Prevention and treatment of the cerebral stroke in Madrid. Physical therapy and psychomotor skills tailored to individual patients. It has of neurologists, neurosurgeons and rehabilitation dedicated exclusively to this disease and its aftermath.

Twelve types of therapies against Addictions by alcohol and drugs. One year of follow-up against relapse. Specially recommended for followers of the Christian faith. They offer alternative treatment without religious implications. Luxury surrounded by sea.

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