martes, 14 de junio de 2016

Because young people use drugs?

Family problems:

Teens living a period of crisis and trying to evade the problems, looking for easy exits or ways to forget them, for example by means of alcohol and drugs. Often addictions arise due to problems within the family (lack of understanding, lack of communication, blows, intra - family abuse, rejection, stepfathers, abandonment, lack of economic resources, school difficulties, absolute poverty and indifference), to feel that they are not dear households, adolescents have the impression of not being heard or taken into account.

They fall into an error when trying to resolve conflicts by means of drugs, believing that they will only eat once the substance, but is in fact generated the habit or addiction, this causes family problems increase, since the drug consumed is stronger, and to not wanting to, or be able to leave, sometimes Teens choose to leave home becoming street children, which are exposed to risks of great magnitude such as diseases, being beaten, endure abuses, exploitation, hunger and abandonment. The time that persists the effect of drug in your body, is equivalent to the abandonment of their problems, then everything returns to reality, worrying situations are still there and even increase by generated addiction.

Social influences:

Also use drugs when problems arise in your around. For example: not being accepted by friends or a condition to enter certain group is ingesting drugs, be like them, imitate them, make them believe that "travel" are the best, or worst, falling into social influence. Addicts can make comments wishing the person that it is not prepared to enter into the drug; Teens should be very aware of themselves and maintain their stance of saying NO.

Young people who do not want to consume the substance, should know to beware of friendships which insistence, as his obsession might be so great that they will be looking for the right time to induce them, for example, can dissolve the drug in your drink or food. They will wait for the time to make effect the drug can damage them. They must never accept these things by addicted persons and it is to get away from that kind of groups, which are often called friends.

Be problematic may be cause of the influence of peers, and make them fall in crime. Already thefts that are made by addicts, they aren't primarily by issues of hunger, but by the need to continue taking drugs. This causes trouble with authorities and subsequently be subjected to prison.

When addicts are still is their houses, they have depression and mental isolation, what causes low performance or truancy and poor family communication.


Sometimes young people with an unhealthy curiosity, to observe that some teens his age mimic the Act of try and feel the use of any drug. In addition some drugs such as inhalants, are easily accessible for them, are authorized and sold at low cost in any supply, resulting in advantage of consumption.

By accepting the body tranquility and relaxation of the effect of the drug, causes that this may require consumption again, but with the same dose, it is already insufficient, making increased more and more to feel the same effects, giving way to addiction.

Some young people who experience the feeling of well-being or the simple act of walking on a trip and that by consuming the drug his body rejects them a suddenly, usually these people do not try it.

Emotional problems:

When the problems in the life of some teens (scolding, punches, mistrust, misunderstanding, economic conflicts in the family, addicted or divorced parents, difficulty of learning at school, etc.), they reflect a great emotional depression, which can feel full of resentment, anger and shame, by the behaviour of parents, friends and acquaintances. These young people seek ways that don't affect them badly in their emotional state and use a way out of them with the help of an addition.

Problems usually cause adolescent depression, feeling of guilt, low self-esteem, avoidance of reality, helplessness and arrogance, they think that they are the cause of the damage and later with the use of drugs (including alcohol and tobacco) believe to get rid of the difficulties, although not always resort to drugs, but also occurs in other types of addictions such as : Eating too much--to spend much time in the game-listen to music-play and bet - dance - see TV-make collections obsessively, among others.

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